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CFI’s 2016 Progress Report

It has become a cliché to observe that 2016 was a year like no other. So packed with world-changing events, it seemed to go on forever. And yet looking back on it now, just weeks into 2017, it seems to have gone by in an instant.

The year was no less significant for us at the Center for Inquiry (CFI). As the tumultuous events of 2016 took the world on a dizzying rollercoaster ride, CFI was assembling the necessary pieces to build a lasting and vital institution.

This was the year that the Center for Inquiry began and completed its merger with the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science. In a swirling storm of irrationality and misinformation, CFI strengthened its foundations, more firmly establishing itself as a trusted, reliable, and badly needed stronghold for reason.

Now we are proud to share with you the story of that year and the astounding progress that you have helped bring about. With CFI’s 2016 Progress Report, we hope to give you both a broad view of our year’s worth of work and accomplishments, as well as compelling and poignant stories of the impact CFI has had on policy, culture, and the lives of real people—all thanks to your help and support.

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2016 Progress Report Cover

The story of CFI in 2016 includes:

●The lives of Bangladesh’s freethought activists through Secular Rescue;

Our role in spurring a new crackdown on the false claims of homeopathic pseudoscience;

Two successful major CFI conferences and our leading role in the 2016 Reason Rally;

The integration of Openly Secular and the Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Studies into CFI;

CFI’s active local branches, milestones for our publications, media highlights, and much more;

The Center for Inquiry begins 2017 with renewed energy and purpose, but to face the challenges ahead, we will need you to continue to stand beside us. With your support, our shared mission to advance reason, science, skepticism, and secularism will withstand whatever comes our way. 


Robyn E. Blumner

Robyn E. Blumner
President & CEO, Center for Inquiry
Executive Director, Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science

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